Some Recent Hits

As part of my ongoing effort to photographically document the delicious food prepared at the IFC, I present some recent culinary achievements:



Chocolate mousse parfaits with fresh fruit, whipped cream, and white chocolate topping.




Tomato-Spinach Quiche (by Maria Nelson)




Strawberry-Blueberry Custard Pies




Almond-Raisin Scones




Baked Brie with Strawberry Jam

More updates to come!


IFC Valentine's Day Activity

Members fill out anonymous compliments for other members and stick them in their hearts on the IFC wall. Just another example of IFC <3.

IFC Valentine’s Day Activity

Co-op Hop

Every semester the co-ops come together to host a more delicious version of formals.  Finger foods for days and dancing in spite of our collective food coma.  IFC came out in style this year, busting out dishes like pumpkin mochi, baked brie, handcrafted s’mores, flan, chocolate-covered strawberries, and bacon wrapped dates.  And the co-op bonding lasted until 2 am.  IFC<3

Co-op Hop

A Gluten-Free Journey


One of our alumnae loves blogging. She’s written a post recently describing her experiences not being able to eat all the glutinous things that she formerly could. Here’s an excerpt:

So my cooking specialties have totally changed. I mastered the art of making French Macarons for Christmas and truffles for Valentine’s Day for coworker gifts. My standard dinner is a sauteed green with a legume or some non-glutinous grain. Given the abundance of root vegetables I receive in the winter from the twice-monthly produce delivery service I signed up for in December, I’ve added roasted parsnips and kohlrabi, mashed sweet potatoes, and winter squash soup to my culinary repertoire. My blender is my best friend at breakfast, and I’ll usually do some gluten-free hot cereal with fruit and nuts or an almond milk fruit smoothie with a protein powder (not eating meat regularly and not being able to consume vegetarian protein standards such as tofu, tempeh, and seitan reduces my available protein sources. So I’ll use a non-whey, soy-free, and gluten-free protein powder as a smoothie supplement. I still having trouble trying to get complete protein, all 9 amino acids, on a daily basis.)

It’s been a journey with its fair share of bumps along the way, and I still don’t feel as good as I think I can feel. But I think every day I’m getting a little bit closer to that esoteric concept of “wellness” that all the crazy hippies preach and that I’m starting, strangely enough, to believe.

Co-op Valentine’s Day 2013


For all of those semi-unlucky souls who were without a date on this day of romance, the co-op prepared a veritable feast of fine French and Far Eastern food in consolation of that fact. I could describe how delicious it was, but it would be best if I let pictures do the talking. On the menu was:

– Chicken Cordon Bleu

– Miso Soup

– Bok Choi

– Quiche

– Frosted heart-shaped cookies


Fall Semester Quotations

The jury’s in, and they’ve decided what the wittiest, funniest, co-oppiest sayings were from the fall semester of 2012. Here they are:

  • “Dominican Republic” ~ N.
    “Homeland” ~ J.
  • After setting the fire alarm off, to PSafe officer, “Wanna cookie?” ~ D.
  • “The bikini is coming out, guys!” ~ C. about Dead Week.
  • “How ARE your classes??!” ~ E.
  • “Religion is like BDSM…” ~ J.
  • “It was pretty lame until I got naked.” ~ D.