Our New Chefs

The IFC is perfectly delighted to welcome and introduce the charming new IFC members who have joined us this semester: Evangeline Lew, Paul Ginard, Oriana Poindexter, Nushelle de Silva, Patricia Sever, Sarah Gerth, Yoon Won Song, Dalia Nahol, and Lauren Kustner.

When I grow up I want to be a great...hunk of meat!

Evangeline Lew ’10 is an Art & Archaeology major who grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area in a family of six.  She still remembers what her grandma made for breakfast for her on her first day of kindergarten — and hopefully after being in IFC, she’ll also be able to cook memorable meals.  Needless to say, Evangeline is really excited about being in IFC for her last semester here at Princeton… especially seeing as learning how to cook well has always kind of been on the back burner for her (ha, ha).  She enjoys sampling all kinds of ethnic cuisines, spicy food, and anything fried!

Only male newbie so far. Life is good.

Paul Ginart ’10 is a senior chemical engineering major from Atlanta, GA who wishes to master the art of “Analytical Cooking”.  When not integrating over the effective heat transfer coefficient for a given pan or calculating the

ratio of convective versus diffusive flux when adding spices, he can be found pretending to do labwork, planning health policy, playing soccer,  editing bioethics papers, or relaxing on a rooftop.

My expression when I have finally found the greatest cookie ever

Oriana Poindexter ’11: Culinary origins are Northern Italian-pasta is the world’s greatest comfort food.  Studying Art History and Photography, Southern California born and bred.  Formerly an independent student, but became tired of scavenging for her next meal.  Favorite things include colorful sunsets, yogis, tomatoes, beaches,  avocados, pears, fresh bread, long summers, mint tea, dragon rolls, and pasta.  She is also a solid 6 years into what will surely be a lifelong quest to find the world’s greatest chocolate chip cookie.

What? You don't like my precisely chopped carrots?!

Nushelle de Silva ’11 is an architecture major from Sri Lanka. Her cooking skills are nothing to write home about, but she promises to chop carrots with utmost precision. Meanwhile, she will experiment until she gets the hang of making a really good chicken curry, and present you with a (semi) authentic Sri Lankan meal. It will make your mouth water – and perhaps your eyes too.

My middle name is Swan...

Patricia Sever ’11 is a Spanish major from Arlington, Virginia.  She enjoys food, bookstores, nice stationery, and tea.

Me, in front of home sweet home.

Sarah Gerth ’12 has come a long way from New Jersey, but travels far through food.  Favorites include vegetarian dishes from the Mediterranean, India, and Turkey, as well as desserts from…everywhere.  Wishes the miles she travels via food with the IFC counted for Frequent Flyer Programs.

Me at Juilliard. No, wait, crap, that's not funny, she actually went there....

Yoon Won Song ’11: I am a junior in the Economics Department. Even before I learned to use chopsticks I learned to play the violin and I have been playing it ever since. I love to eat good food and enjoy helping others cook and bake. My dream is to attend a culinary school when I am old. I also have a personal chef who cooks for me all the time and she’s willing to cook extraordinary cuisines like foie gras, escargots, and shark’s fin for you guys (as long as the ingredients are provided).

me, back when I was French

Dalia Nahol ’11 is a Sociology major, pursuing a certificate in Environmental Studies. She hails from Hermiston- a little town in Eastern Oregon filled with cowboys, dirt roads, and clear skies. Dalia spends much time theorizing about all types of social change, philosophizing about esoteric concepts, and admiring rock music. One of her fondest food memories is making flour tortillas with her grandmother (which she has yet to master on her own). Eggplant, mushrooms, avocados, chocolate, and chai include some of Dalia’s favorite foods, though you would be hard pressed to find a food she completely dislikes.

my boyfriend and I are such a perfect match.

Lauren Kustner ’11 has lived in Wisconsin for most of her life, meaning she will eat cheese in just about any form. One of her favorite breakfast dishes is oatmeal with Swiss Miss and peanut butter. After a semester of independence in Spelman, she has decided to give cooperation a whirl.

Lauren is a philosophy major also studying neuroscience. She can often be seen riding across campus on her trusty one-speed bike.

So once again, welcome! Do not be put off by the fact that the leftmost sink in the smaller kitchen room is blocked! The IFC is a warm, fuzzy, yummy haven of good food, great company and an AMAZING spice rack. What more do you need when you have an entire carton of minced garlic in the fridge and a net bag of onions in the pantry? I’ll tell you what: green manzanilla olives. And you can write that down on the shopping list! (actually never mind I did that already)

More updates to come! (as soon as webmistress is done with Vagina Monologues!)

PS. The Webmistress cooked with Dalia today and found her quite agreeable. She also gets along famously with Patricia. And Nushelle is just adorabibbliness. And…so on and so forth. By Jove, what a spiffy group of newbies.

PPS. The Webmistress just checked her email and there are two even newer newbies. Jesus. They’ll get their own post after she has amassed the necessary information.


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