Guidelines to making good rice

First of all, there is no perfect way to make rice. It’s a process of trial-and-error, and eventually you’ll find your own method, but here are some basic guidelines for cooking white rice.

1. Do not fill the metal rice bowl to the brim. Rice rises as it is cooked. 4-5 cups are usually appropriate for one bowl (meaning that for one dinner, it’s a good idea to use two rice cookers), though people may use more at their discretion.

2. Wash the rice. When you first put rice in water, the water becomes opaquely white. Wash the rice until the water is at least translucent. Take handfuls of the rice and rub them together. (It’s oddly satisfying)

3. The amount of water is also of utmost importance. You can use either of these two rules

Megan Rule: Put your thumb tip down on the rice and the water should come up to the first line of your thumb.

Becky Rule: Put your hand flat down on the rice and the water should cover the top of your hand.

(You may want to add just another cup of water after measuring thus. Again, trial-and-error. Everyone has different hands.)

Or you can use the markers on the sides of the rice bowls, in which case a little less water than designated would be appropriate. The markers kind of overdo it.

4. Cook the rice. Make sure the bottom of the rice bowl is dry before you plonk it in the rice cooker. You may also add peas, corn, chopped mushrooms, or other small veggies at your own preference. We would rather you consult recipes before doing this, though. Don’t just put ANYTHING  in the rice.

5. Eat the rice.

writing this post at midnight was a baaaad idea....

May your lives be filled with joy and rice (basically the same thing)



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