The Legendary Game: IFC vs. PU Band


The First Half:

Team IFC took the lead quickly. The combined onslaught of Anu, Becky, Dalia, Panda, Jonathan, Mike, and Jason was too much for the PU Band defense. The enemy was quickly overwhelmed and subdued by successive goals from Jonathan and Jason. Andrew stood his ground and the Bandos withered.

The Second Half:

The Band regrouped and took a few psychological steroids. They returned to the ice, quickly and fiercely. Temporarily stunned, the IFC allowed two goals, but refused all others. The half ended in a tie. It was time for sudden death to determine the winner.

The Showdown:

Each team took turns taking shots. Panda approached the opposite goal, a determined look on his face. His balance was less determined.

Mike, Jason, Dalia, and Becky followed suit, and the Band’s goalie stopped them at each turned. At the same time, Andrew successively dashed the hopes of the opposing team, one save after another.

Panda approached the goal once more, fearless and helmet-less. Mike makes him put on the helmet. Panda scores. We learn a lesson that correlation sometimes indicates causation.



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