Even Newer Members

Three hints: "Barbara is a college-aged young woman." "Barbara is not male." "Barbara prefers anonymity."

Barbara Hendrick ’12

Barbara was born in Lima, Peru, but has been a proud resident of MoCo (Montgomery County, Maryland) since 1998. Currently a sophmore in MAE, her free time is divided between Engineers Without Borders, soccer and the salsa club.

This is Morgan. If you have a problem, go to Morgan.

Morgan Ong ’12

Morgan is a computer science major and Las Vegas native with a penchant for over-analyzing essay prompts (and parenthetical phrasing). While not particularly culinary-inclined, she can make a mean scallop pasta using nothing but the latest podcast of The Bugle (and a fully-stocked kitchen/fridge).

ignore the obviously cropped personage beside me.

Dawn Zhao ’11

Dawn was born in the city of Shijiazhuang, a place somewhere in northern China and was, at one time, ranked to be one of the most polluted cities in the world. She is a junior in the History Department, envies people who can dish out elegant cursive hand writings, and would worship Teddy Roosevelt if he were not such a racist. In terms of food, she dreams of ramen every night but would settle for just about anything (except for burnt onion rings). She will try her best to cook this semester, but asks (no, begs) for forgiveness in advance for those “accidents” on occasional Saturday evenings.

Poor Diana. The Webmistress already put her through so much abuse on her first day of cooking.

Diana Lam ’12

Diana is from Staten Island (home of two Jersey Shore members!) and is a fan of eggplants, arepas, and shiny shoes. Her dream is to one day become Adam from Man vs. Food.


Grace Zhu ’12 (Fall 2010)

Grace is a sophomore intending to major in Molecular Biology, hailing first from America, then China, then Singapore. She eats anything but durians,  entrails, and things that move. She often has intense cravings for seaweed and mushrooms. Some favorites from around the world are Indian, Middle Eastern, Andalusian, Thai,  Shanghainese, and of course, Singaporean food. In her free time, she avoids homework, plays the classical guitar, and scavenges for snacks.

my application photo for joining the IFC, demonstrating my obvious culinary skills

Habin Chung ’12

Habin is a Politics major from South Korea. She likes taking photos, going on long walks, sleeping especially napping, reading, writing random things especially letters, meeting interesting people, eating goodies, listening to music and daydreaming. For food, she thinks desserts rock — especially chocolate. They are the best.

Sadly the hamster will not be joining the IFC with Ivana.

Ivana Castellanos ’12

Ivana Castellanos ’12 had childhood fantasies of running alongside wild mustangs. Her personal heroes are Barney from How I Met Your Mother, Lady GaGa, and children who refuse to take their Spiderman costumes a week after Halloween. If she were Goldilocks, she would have eaten all three bowls of porridge. Probably with some salsa.

His eyes seem to follow me when I move in front of the monitor

Pietro Rea ’12

I hail from Lima, Peru and my passions are economics, Chinese, and Tae Kwon Do (and eggplants, I love eggplants). I also must watch an episode of the Big Bang Theory a day, or my blood sugar starts to drop and I get a really bad headache. On a separate note, I like to cook from the heart (down with recipes!), as it lets me freely infuse love, care, and my inexperience into the dishes I cook.

A Pensive Shot.

Raphael Murrillo ’12

I live in Santa Cruz, a coastal California town founded by Spanish missionaries and explorers in the 18th century. Fittingly, as my ancestors were Spaniards, my own culinary roots and tastes lie in Spain, Puerto Rico, and Mexico. When I’m not eating, you’ll probably find me reading or writing about the empires of days gone by, playing Diplomacy, listening to opera, or running.

He originally wanted to put up a photo of Clive Owen. I refused. Some things need to be kept holy.

Uri Bram ’11

Uri likes cooking. He also likes you. He looks forwards to combining those interests in the form of a Co-op.

This is Vivek not eating when there is obviously food in front of him.

Vivek Pamulapati ’10


Erica Zendell ’12 (Fall 2010)

Erica is from the glorious state of New Jersey, where tomatoes and Bruce Springsteen abound.

Her mom never lets her cook at home because Erica likes getting messy in the kitchen [if you know what I mean]. Her culinary life goals are to make Wienerschnitzel [which is not a type of sausage] as good as the stuff she had in Austria and try her hand at making gelato. Erica is a Comparative Literature major studying a boatload of languages [and little else] which she hopes will let her travel lots and eat tons of yummy food!

Sarah Nason ’12

Sara likes to think of herself as the least international person at Princeton. She’s been to Canada a few times (a strenuous 3 hour drive from her home in upstate New York), but other than that, has never left the country. She is looking forward to learning more about other places and their food. She plans to be a Geosciences major and plays club Ultimate Frisbee and the violin in her not-so-spare time.


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