General Policy Reminders


Members whose cooking shift it is that day: if there are leftovers that more than three days-old in the fridge, empty it out into the bin and clean up the containers. If the food still looks okay and you know someone will eat it, then you can use your own discretion to leave it, but otherwise it is important to maintain a decent amount of empty space in the fridge for the new leftovers. You should also be aware that you can use leftovers for what you’re cooking, so it may be handy to check the leftover fridge before you cook.

Starting Time

Do try to start on time, at 4:30, because two hours is usually just about enough time to get the food ready and recently people have been coming to the co-op at 6:30 to find that the food is not ready yet. It’s no big deal to wait a few minutes, but some people do have a tight schedule and have to eat quickly, so it’s best to start as early as possible.


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