IFC Year Two!

The International Food Co-op enters its second year of existence boldly and fearlessly. Led by our stalwart Mom and Dad, Patricia Sever ’11 and Pietro Rea ’12, our 32 members have already cooked dozens of delicious dishes.

Some highlights:

  • Peruvian pesto pasta
  • Korean marinated beef bulgogi
  • Sri Lankan curry chicken with coconut milk
  • Carrot cake with cream cheese icing
  • Bunny-shaped sugar cookies

Co-op conversations this year have touched on such topics as nationalism, colonialism, sex robots, a cappella, Princeton language programs, America’s Next Top Model, ethical decision-making, Irish music, Fry and Laurie, and llamas.

A peek at the upcoming week’s inventory suggests that we can look forward to dishes with ingredients including sesame seeds, kimchi, empanada dough, cornmeal, and lemongrass. Intriguing…

We continue to welcome visitors. If you’re interested in having dinner at the co-op (and who wouldn’t be), send an email to ifc@princeton.edu or ask an IFC member to bring you as a guest.

We’re also looking forward to lots of upcoming events:

  • Karaoke night – TONIGHT, Oct 8, at 9pm! Anyone and everyone is invited!
  • IFC Halloween
  • IFC Thanksgiving Dinner
  • Semiannual Semiformal Co-op Hop

A socio-culinary revolution is upon us.


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