Chapter III

Wherein is Related the Droll Way in Which Our Hidalgo Had Himself Dubbed a Knight After Preparing a Meal on Friday
Our new-fledged adventurer paced along for nearly a day after this disappointment, thinking to himself and saying, “Happy the age, happy the time in which shall be made known my deeds of fame. And thou, O sage magician, whoever thou art, to whom it shall fall to be the chronicler of this wondrous history, forget not, I entreat thee, my good Burgundy, the constant companion of my wandering mind.” So he went on stringing together these and other absurdities, all in the style of those poems and books that had taught him and imitating their language as well as he could.
There are writers who declare that the first adventure he met with at this time was that of the treadmills; but what I have ascertained is that he was pacing in his mind and on his feet all day, until he found himself with such a hunger and so desperate for a castle to be knighted at that he perceived 1901 Hall to actually be a castle, but he could hardly be blamed for Collegiate Gothic architecture.
Troubled by his failure at the same place the prior day, he fell to his knees before three young women who happened to be standing at the door of the Hall, saying “From this spot I rise not, until your ladyships grant me the boon I seek, one that will redound both to your credit and to the benefit of the human race. The boon I ask is that you will grant me knighthood this evening upon conducting acts of chivalry in order that I might roam the earth as a knight-errant.”
The language and unpromising looks of our cavalier amused these women even at a distance, but, when he asked for the boon, they could no longer restrain their laughter. Finally, after spotting a stray copy of Le Chanson de Roland, they cleverly asked him to help them as they prepared the so-called “Feast of Roland the Frank,” which they spuriously purported the valorous knight had eaten on the eve of Roncevaux.
And so obliged to the task by chivalry and no less by his own appetite, our chevalier aided in his own clumsy way as Hana Passen, Abigail Bowman, and An-Ting Liu prepared a magnificent feast of Macaroni and Cheese, Glazed Carrots, and Crêpes. As for his own dish, since the day happened to be a Friday and in the whole of the freezer there was no meat but some salmon, Raphael prepared a dish of this fish with honey-mustard, for which he probably did not deserve to be knighted.


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  1. A provocative choice of photograph. In keeping with the spirit of recent conversation, it reminds the author of his desengaño.

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