Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I join?  IFC offers delicious home-cooked food, an inexpensive upperclassman eating option, and a close knit community. Eating and cooking with friends regularly has a way of forming lasting bonds.

Where is it?  1901/Laughlin kitchen. Straight through the 4th entryway of Laughlin past the computer cluster, or down the stairs from the 6th entryway of Laughlin.

Where can I live?  Wherever you want, with whomever you want!  The co-op is just an eating option – live wherever you’d like at Princeton and just come and chow down for dinner every evening. IFC members may draw into and live in any building on campus, including Spelman. (For Spelman, members must draw as upperclassmen and not independent.)

How many people are there?  Generally, we have 20-30 members each semester.

How often would I be cooking?  As an upperclassman, you’ll cook dinner with 2-3 other co-op members once a week. Otherwise, you can come whenever you’d like for breakfast, lunch, or snacks. As an underclassman partial member, you will cook with 3-4 other members, once a month.

What if I can’t cook?  No problem. You’ll learn how to cook all sorts of dishes from different cuisines over the course of the semester and benefit from the experience of other members.

How’s my wallet going to feel?  Extremely happy. Membership comes out to $650 a semester. (Really, it’s a steal compared to residential colleges or eating clubs.) Partial membership for underclassmen is $200 a semester.

I’m vegetarian. Will I go hungry?  Nope! There are vegetarian and meat options at every meal.

But what about eating with my other friends?  Of course! Feel free to eat your meals anywhere you’d like. Feel free to invite your friends to the co-op too; just put them on the guest list.

Other perks?  The best feature of our eating alternative is our familial atmosphere. Of course, you also won’t have to go shopping for food or for appliances like food processors, grills, rice cookers, and other nifty things that can be hard to come by as an independent.

You can do everything in our kitchen independents can do—and with other people, too! This is really a chance for you to take part in traditions, to have fun, to really be creative with what you eat. So dig in!

How do I join? Well, you can send an email to anytime. We’d love to have you join us for a meal! Note that current partial (and full) members are guaranteed membership for all future semesters while those interested in joining further in the future may be waitlisted.

This sounds awesome!  If you’re interested or have any questions, email


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