Class of 2012

Sara Nason
Sara Nason is a proud member of the geosciences department. She also plays ultimate frisbee and plays the violin in Sinfonia. She studied abroad in India last year and loved it! She enjoys cooking and eating all kinds of good food, and attempting to remediate food that turns out to be not-so-good.
Sarah Gerth
Sarah Gerth, a senior in the art history department, loves experiencing the world through art and food. She believes cooking is an art, both in process and in display. She really likes trying new food but also enjoys returning to her favorite food – eggplant – especially as featured in thai cuisine, indian cuisine, ethiopian cuisine, greek cuisine, and turkish cuisine. She’s also open to trying more international varieties of eggplant dishes (except italian, she’s suspicious of anything that tries to disguise the vegetable …. ahem, eggplant rollatini). She’s also a huge fan of farmer’s markets, grocery stores, and well-stocked refrigerators and pantries.
Ting Fung
Ting-Fung is from Hong Kong, but enjoys pretending that he is German, and despite his recent vegetarian proclivities, can never get enough Bavarian weißwurst. He is known to be the clumsiest member of the Legendary Tuesday team, having dismembered himself with a brand-new mandolin slicer and accidentally set fire to the co-op in his first semester. When he’s not narrowly avoiding the latest kitchen disaster, he’s probably reading about German Orientalism in his Firestone carrel, managing his a co-ed a cappella group Roaring 20, masquerading as a Hogwarts student in his Chapel Choir robes, or being indecisive about what he wants to do with life after Princeton. In his dreams he is either on the production team of a Jamie Oliver show, writing for the New York Times’ food section, or working as sous-chef for Remy in Pixar’s Ratatouille.
Qiaochu Yuan
Quiaochu Yuan is from Beijing, China, and was also a long time resident of California. In the past four years, she has divided her time between studying mathematics and the Russian language. She enjoys reading and spending time with friends. She does not enjoy excessive touching.
Hana Passen
It is best to make sure there is always enough food for Hana Passen. If not, she might find a super mushroom and get big enough to squash you (she plays rugby too, so watch out!).
Q Rose
QUINTILIO ROSE CAN’T HEAR YOU RIGHT NOW and doesn’t want to because he is too busy listening to the voices in his head. Their favorite songs include the Robot Unicorn Attack theme song, Friday (by Rebecca Black) and Party in the USA (Miley Cyrus). He spends his spare time hunting for the magical unicorn that will make them go away.
Michele Tyler
Michele Tyler is a die hard southern Californian with a genetic need for frequent Mexican food. An anthropology major with a German certificate, she often finds herself in places and situations that deprive her of this innate requirement for nutritional sustenance. Her recent deprivation zones include South Africa (where she discovered the deliciousness of tea, pap, Steers ice cream, and everything from Mzoli’s) and Germany (mmm, homemade schnitzel). She often distracts herself from this lack of all things cilantro and green onion related by volunteering and working with inmates and inner city/ informal settlement populations in Trenton, Cape Town, Frankfurt, and even at home in Los Angeles. Despite bouts of chicken mole withdrawal, she has her eye on an eventual career as a social worker and legal advocate.
Hannah Marek
Hannah Marek is
an unpoetic person
but she likes haikus
Lang Wang
Lang Wang doesn’t eat chocolate pudding. In fact, he would rather wear it than eat it. Secretly, he thinks it is more comfortable than clothes and would rather only wear pudding, but the university does not approve. Thus he has to stifle his urges and keep his clothes on, even when the pudding is all over him.
Samuel Chen
Samuel Chen enjoys boyardee straight from the can like a starving lumberjack. With cooking standards like that, we aren’t quite sure who let him into the coop. After watching the movie, we may have to reevaluate his membership. As Sam is a close friend of Lang, we expect this movie to include several scenes about pudding.
Brittany Cesarini
Brittany Cesarini is a very busy person, and thus has not had time to update her Facebook profile picture (now her IFC picture) since she was 6. She spends her time on all the things normal people do, plus going on quests to find Barney the Dinosaur, Clifford the Big Red Dog, and Arthur the Aardvark.
Sandra Mukasa
Despite being a senior in college, Sandra Mukasa still loves paper dolls. In addition to having flat versions of her friends, she also makes herself paper professors that help her with her homework and can get new outfits/embarrassing costumes/ripped to pieces when she gets the grades back for said homework.
Tiffany Hwang
Tiffany Hwang was born and raised in the Windy City. She is in the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department with a focus on Structures, and the president of the Korean American Students Association and the Engineering Council. Her hobbies include Criminal Minds, Dexter, Law & Order: SVU, CSI: Miami, CSI: NY (but not the original CSI), and the Jersey Shore. She lives for Korean food, and is looking forward to making lots of childhood favorites for the co-op.

Trung Luong
Trung Luong is the IFC’s resident break dancing expert. He also specializes in imitating the monsters from Sesame Street. We expect him to demonstrate both skills at all upcoming coop social events.


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